Vieve Product Review- My Must Have Nude Lip Combo.

Jamie Genevieve

You may have heard of Vieve, but who is behind the brand? Jamie Genevieve. A name known by almost every beauty addict in 2021. For anyone that doesn’t know, Jamie is a YouTube sensation from Scotland. She is one of the most watched beauty gurus of 2021. In her Insta bio, she introduces herself as ‘Scottish Makeup Artist, Digital Creator, Wife – & Dog Mum’.

Jamie Genevieve’s Background

Jamie was born on June 25, 1993. She is originally from Tillicoultry, in Clackmannanshire, Scotland. After that, however, she moved to Glasgow in Scotland at age 11. She grew up on a housing estate in Tillicoultry and says she was a daddy’s girl who was always outdoors playing. As soon as she discovered makeup at the age of 15, the rest is history!

All of a sudden, it’s February 2021, we are amidst a worldwide pandemic. As a result, people are watching Youtube more, and scrolling social media endlessly. Hence, It has changed the way we buy and use makeup. For Instance, online shopping is the only way to purchase makeup as swatches are not allowed. Introducing – Vieve!

Vieve The Brand

Jamie has set up her very own makeup brand, ‘Vieve’ (incorporated on 15th April 2019) which has sold out everywhere within days. As a result, the products are now steadily being sold Cult Beauty, and are getting amazing reviews. Jamie’s taste for luxury has bled into her own products and we are seeing a brand that provides us with a very high quality product, at a reasonable price. This week, I got to test some of the Vieve products and provide an honest review.

Jamie Genevieve’s Social Stats

Jamie is relatable and down to earth, which is really reflected in her social media stats. Jamie’s Insta boasts a whopping 1.4m followers. Before long, Vieve hit an impressive 123k and her YouTube channel has gained a loyal 977k subscribers. Her Twitter has over 266.4k followers, and her Facebook has over 80k likes.

Furthermore, Vieve is based upon inclusivity, self-expression and positivity and is 100% vegan and cruelty free. ‘Vieve’ means ‘Full of Life’ and this ethos is at the core of the brand. The brand’s vision is clear on their website – “Beauty with personality that inspires everyone to express themselves with newfound confidence and ease.”

So, needless to say, I was far too excited to try these products. Everything about these products oozed luxury, from the black packaging, outlined with a gold rim, ‘VIEVE’ spelt out in capital letters sitting proudly on the front of every box, to the hardware. My god… this did not disappoint.

Vieve product review

Vieve Product Description & Packaging

Now, I excitedly open the cardboard packaging for my lipstick. At first, I see sleek black leather effect casing, rimmed with gold. In addition, the lid has a slight magnetism which adds to the luxurious feel. The product has a good weight to it, nothing about this feels flimsy. Then I notice ‘VIEVE’ is embossed into the product itself which is a nice touch.

Everything about this product line screams elegance and class and really is timeless. Although the lipstick is a matte formula, it isn’t drying. It glides on in one swipe and feels creamy. Above all the pigment is true to colour and has great staying power. This is such a wearable, comfortable formula.

Next up is ‘The Modern Lip Definer’, this is a slightly more matte texture to ensure your lipstick doesn’t budge. This luxurious lipliner glides on effortlessly and blends with ease. In addition, all of these lipliners and lipsticks can be mixed.

Furthermore, Vieve launched a blush collection to the range which I am yet to try.

‘Comin’ In Haute’

Her full collection includes:

  • 5 Modern Lip Definers (Bark, Brat, Rumour, Tailored and Velvet Sands), £15
  • 5 Lipsticks (Comin’ In Haute, Ninetease, Power Suit, Treasure and Vieve), £19
  • The Essential Eye Palette (Contains 10 large pans and a mirror), £43
  • 3 Highlighters (Bijou, Holy Chic and Riches), £27
  • Two makeup bags, £15/£25
  • 5 blushes (Cherub, Malbec, Pesca, Piazza, and Sorbet) £23

In conclusion, I highly recommend you purchase these products at Vieve or alternatively on Cult Beauty-Vieve.

However, If you have any must-have products that you swear by, comment them below as I love an excuse to buy more products!




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Using lipliner ‘Bark’ and Lipstick ‘Comin’ in Haute’

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